Griffith Observatory and Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tour

Starting our day with an American breakfast at Fred 62 diner. I had the huevos rancheros and J had the equivalent of bacon and eggs (bacon was smoked apple flavoured!).

After breakfast, walked up to Griffith observatory using the boy scout trail. Up hill but relatively easy. The Griffith Observatory opened at 10am so we managed to take a leisurely stroll up.

LA suburbia on the way up to the Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory

We had some great views from the Griffith Observatory!

Hollywood sign
LA skyline

In the observatory there’s displays about the Earth and space. Also about other intriguing ‘sciency’ things like the Tesla coil. The Tesla coil was lit up as part of a show.

Griffith Observatory entrance


Tesla coil

We walked back to Hollywood from Griffith Observatory. The walk took about three quarters of an hour to an hour.

Lush greenery along the walk down

After a big walk we rewarded our selves with a sit down on the Starline Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour. We hopped on the bus for the red route which departed from Hollywood Boulevard just left of the TCL Chinese Theatre. We sat on the top deck of the bus which is open air and afforded some amazing views.

Started at Hollywood Boulevard
Start of the Walk of Fame is a silver statue with Marilyn Monroe on the top and other celebrities statue forming the four pillars
Guitar Centre-Rockstars have their hand and foot prints in the concrete like TCL
Comedy Club
Chateau Marmont is the hotel where the celebrities stay at
The Body Shop is where Demi Moore learn her role for a movie
The Standard Hotel where Oceans Eleven was filmed
Tower Records

When the bus went through Beverly Hills, we could tell we were in an upper class area of LA. Each stree in Beverly Hills has one type of tree only to maintain the aesthetics. The bins are all out the back to keep the place tidy with an alley way for garbage collection. Additionally fire hydrants are silver along the streets to maintain the looks.

One of the streets in Beverly Hills.

The red route bus crossed over with the yellow route bus in the Beverley Hills area. We got of the red route bus and hopped on the yellow route bus.

Shopping and cafe precinct in Beverley Hills
Rodeo Drive
Film crew!
Beverley Hills Civic Centre
Church where a famous celebrity got married at
I believe the architects of the Twin Towers designed these buildings

We hopped of the bus at the famous Santa Monica Pier. This pier was made famous by several movies including Forest Gump. It was a perfect day to be visiting this iconic location. The sun was out and the sky was clear blue! Life is good.

The famous Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel
Route 66
Santa Monica Beach

We had lunch around the Santa Monica area and hopped back on the yellow route bus. The loop back took us through the exclusive area of Brentwood.

Coral trees lining the suburb of Brentwood
The famous Beverly Hills crest

We rode the bus back to Hollywood Boulevard using the yellow route and red route. It was getting really cold up the top of the bus so we sat inside for the remainder of the red route which wasn’t as interesting.

We walked around Hollywood boulevard in the evening to the statue at the start of Walk of Fame.DSC07076

Saw Hollywood Boulevard at night, billboards all lit up. DSC07086

Dinner at In and Out Burger joint. It’s a popular American burger joint. Their patties are made of fresh beef, lettuce leaves daily and their fries made from real potatoes. This was the first time we had it. I had the cheeseburger and J had the double-double. Burgers delicious! Everything was really fresh! Fries were ordinary but that’s because they aren’t double fried. Definitely not your ordinary burger joint. Will be trying the double-double next time. Apparently there are a few items that are ‘secret’, not in the menu. Will also have to try these next time.

Dinner at In and Out Burger joint

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