Golden Gate Bridge

Started our day with coffee from Blue Bottle again, J had their signature Oji Japanese style coffee in a glass bottle and I had a soy mocha. Really wanted an Oji too but they only had one bottle left. I had a taste of J’s Oji. It is so good.

We rode the metro and Street cart along the Embarcadero towards Fisherman’s Wharf where we hired push bikes for the day. We hired bikes from SF Bike Rentals, cheaper than Blazing Saddles. Rode along the bike trail pass Crissy Field, along the beach toward the Golden Gate Bridge then on the bridge itself and finished up at Saulsolito for lunch. A lovely and picturesque ride with lots of stops on the way for photos. I had looked up spots for taking good bridge photos. In the end I just stopped where we saw good views of the bridge. It was quite obvious the good view points along the way.

Golden Gate Bridge
Bicycles, beach, bridge
My favourite bridge view

Riding on the bridge such a cool experience, could hear the cars and trucks zooming by. Bike paths the whole way until after crossing the bridge to Saulsolito. Rode sharing the road with cars for the first time! Didn’t get run over, cars were accommodating along that stretch. Saulsolito itself is a quaint beach town with lots of places to lunch and boats that lined the marina area. We ate lunch at the bakery then explored the main Street. Caught the Ferry with our bikes back to Pier 41 then rode back to return our bikes. Definitely recommend this ride.

Walked from there to R & G Lounge for dinner where we had their famous Salt and Pepper crab. Delicious soft delicate flavours of the crab dancing on our palates. The crab was fried with a light layer of batter just enough to be cooked and the shell crunchy enough without compromising crab flavour and texture. We also had the beef dish but that was quite ordinary tasting. Should have tried other signature dish with the shrimp stuffed vegetables. Maybe next time. We had to book R & G Lounge as they have a long walk in line the first time we tried to go.

Salt & pepper crab – R & G Lounge

Beer buying and shopping in the evening. Then got some cheesecake to go from The Cheesecake Factory (located in the Macy’s building in Union Square). Tried the ultimate red velvet cheesecake and salted caramel caramel cheesecake. Both creamy and tasty. Eating cheesecake in our hotel room with beer and in pyjamas; bliss! It was nice to rest after riding all day.

The Cheesecake Factory

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