Lands End & Golden Gate Park

Started our day with Blue Bottle coffee again! The OJI coffee was not available. Ended up getting Three Africans cold brew, also tasty without the bitter coffee flavour.

Jumped on bus 38 from Greary Street to Lands End stop (48th St & Point Lobos St). When we got to Lands End there’s a map with signage to Coastal Trail. We took the trail heading north towards the labyrinth, not the best signed. My tip, head toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Reached the labyrinth which offers an amazing view of the bridge and sea. It was quite foggy but really warm. The fog occurs because of mix between cold sea and warm air from the Pacific.

Tall trees providing shade
Foggy bay area
The caost

Walked back West along the Coastal Trail toward the Sutro Baths ruins. Sutro Baths were the largest indoor swimming pool in 1896 built by wealthy Mayor of SF. It burnt down in 1967 and is now in ruins.

Sutro Baths

Walked back up to the main area and visitor centre to catch the number 38 bus to Golden Gate Park. We got of the bus at Park Presidio Boulevard stop and walked south toward the park. After about 10-15 minute walk we hit the park.

Rose Garden – Golden Gate Park

Decided to check out the De Young Museum. Museum of fine arts from all around the world. Also went up to the observation tower. Great view of the city and park from there. Explored the garden area which also has some art works. Safety pin sculpture was my favourite!

Walked around the Music Concourse and then walked out to catch the number 5 bus to Market and Post. Back to hotel for a rest.

Music Concourse

Dinner at Jasper’s Tap and Kitchen, an American gastropub. We both ordered their signature dish the Burger. Burger was tasty, had juicy pattie, pork belly, fried onion rings and pickled jalepnos as well as the usual cheese and sauce. Fries were a bit too salty but crunchy. They have a decent selection of beers, wines and cocktails.

Early night tonight in preparation for our flight tomorrow.


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