Niagra Falls: Maid of the Mist & Journey Behind the Falls

Woke up to a magnificent view of the falls! We had breakfast coffee to go from Starbucks located in our hotel lobby. I like that Starbucks offers coconut milk as an alternative here.

We walked to bus stop and caught the Green line to Rainbow Bridge. Stopped by Duty Free shop on the way to pick up some pure maple syrup, iced wine and maple syrup toffee. Then we crossed from Canada to USA.

Morning view of the falls (Horseshoe Falls)

When we reached the USA side of the falls we received our Maid of the Mist tickets and ponchos. The ponchos are great. They are a full length on me! We got on the boat straight after collecting and putting on our ponchos. It was really quick.

All ‘ponchoed’ up!

The Maid of the Mist took us past the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls (smallest of three falls). We got a gentle spray there. Then the boat took us to Horseshoe Falls. Amazing experience going almost into the falls. The mist and spray from the falls felt like we were being rained on. What a great feeling, talk about soaking in the experience! We didn’t bother with camera as it was too wet. Took a few photos closer to the dock. Brilliant experience! A must do when at Niagra Falls!

While the Maid of the Mist departs from the American side, there’s the Hornblower which departs from the Canadian side. So if you are not wanting to cross to the USA side then catch a ride on the Hornblower.

View of all the falls as well as the Canadian side of Niagra Falls from the Maid of the Mist lookout 

After taking in more beautiful views we crossed back across to Canada and walked to Table Rock.

We bought tickets to Journey Behind the Falls and got in straight away. Theres interesting information in the tunnel walk way. There was an observation area that we walked out to that was right beside the falls. More sprays of water.

Getting into Horseshoe Falls

Then walked through the tunnel behind the falls. According to the information, we had walked about a third of the length behind the falls. There were side tunnels which went further out closer to the falls. Interestingly there have only been very few people who have actually crossed the falls and made it alive due to its rapid currents!  Another great experience of the falls from a different angle. Another must do when at Niagra Falls!

We picked up some Canadian candy and salmon jerky on the way out of the gift store then jumped back on the bus to get some lunch. Lunch was the all famous Canadian poutine at Smoke’s Poutinerie. Poutine is thick fries topped with gravy and cheesy goodness. We ordered one which had bits of bacon in it too. It was quite tasty!

After lunch, we relaxed in the jacuzzi, swam in the pool and enjoyed a few drinks in our hotel room while enjoying the view. Bliss!

Some Canadian goodies

After a relaxing afternoon, we went to TGIF for dinner. J had the Turkey breast sandwich and I had the free for all platter (Buffalo wings, loaded potato skins with sour cream, celery with clue cheese, mozzarella fried sticks with tomato filling sauce).  Tried some Canadian maple whiskey too!

We had a nice stroll to the falls and to watch the sunset.

Horseshoe Falls at sunset
American & Bridal Veil Falls at sunset

Then went to get some ice cream while waiting for the fireworks. Tried filling dots which is small ice cream balls made with liquid nitrogen.

We caught the fireworks to finish our evening and the falls view at night. Lovely end to a lovely day!

We have essentially seen the falls at all times of the day during our travels to Niagra Falls!


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