Grand Canyon (South Rim) National Park: Travel Tips

Visited mid to late May 2016.

Hotel: Yavapai Lodge East – The room is big and spacious. It is located near the visitors centre and the shuttle bus stops is located a short walk from the rooms. A really great location. Not to mention the room provided a great view and even a few cow elks!DSC08020

Weather: High of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunny and no rain. Cloudy at some parts. It was a very windy day and felt like we were nearly blown off the cliff. It was very cold in the morning and evening/night. Recommend a jumper and windbreaker. Layer clothing as it gets cold in Spring in the morning and evening. It is very dusty so be prepared for very dirty clothing. A word of caution be careful when walking on the trails as it is very windy.

Public Transport: The best way to get to the Grand Canyon is driving or joining a tour. There is a free shuttle bus that picks up and drops off at all the hotels and main points along most trails within the park. Check the visitor centre or your hotel reception for bus times.

Supermarket: There is a convenience store in Yavapai Lodge compound but things are quite expensive there purchase water and food items beforehand if you are able to.

Dining: Dining is quite simple. There is Yavapai Tavern near Yavapai Lodge but there are also dining places near the other hotels in the National Park area.

Water: The tap water in the Park is drinkable and refilling of water bottles is encouraged. Bottled water is not available in the Park. There are spring fed water stations at the visitor centre, grocery stores, lodges and some of the trail heads.

Toilets: Some of the toilets at the view points or along the trails are long drops and have hand sanitiser but no running water.

DSC08013Interesting information from one of the shuttle bus drivers:

  • May is calving season for the elk so there are not as many out and about.
  • There are about 25 to 30 mountain lions around the national park.
  • Since the park opened in 1919 there have been approximately 750 deaths. Some years there were more and some less.



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