Bryce Canyon a ~ Travel Tips

Visited late May 2016

Hotel: There are only a couple of hotels near the visitors centre. We stayed at Bryce View Lodge. For a hotel the room was average. The room had two double beds. One of the bed sheets had a brown mark on it and sheets were old with fluff balls. Lady at the reception was one of the most unhelpful hotel receptionist we have ever met. Other Trip Advisor reviewers seem to experience the same. Stay somewhere else if you are thinking of staying near the visitors centre. Ruby’s Inn was really lovely for breakfast so they may be a better option.

Weather: Similar to the Grand Canyon. You will need a medium thick jacket and a scarf as it was similarly very windy and cold.

Public Transport: Bus shuttle to some of the main view points

Supermarket: There is a convenience store next to Ruby’s Inn.

Dining & Coffee: 

Fosters Steakhouse – dinner 21st May 2016

Ruby’s Inn – breakfast 22nd May 2016


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