Washington D.C.: Travel & Dining Tips

Visited late May 2016

Hotel: Anywhere near a metro station and not too far from the main attractions. We stayed at George Washington University Hotel. It was in a university area and close to a teaching hospital. Also very close to the metro; only a couple of minutes walk. It is located on a very pretty street.DSC09294

Weather: It started to warm up a bit more but not too hot. Shorts or skirt and T-shirt weather.

Public Transport:  The Metro. There were a lot of track works being done at the time so some of the lines and stations were closed. I’m not sure if this is expected for DC metro.

Supermarket: Trader Joe’s is located a short walk from our hotel but pretty much any of the big supermarkets.

Dining: These are some of the places we dined at. Click on links below to read my review on each place as well as see which attractions they are close to. We try to pick well rated places to dine at which are also close to places we are sight seeing at.

Astro Fried Chicken and Doughnuts – lunch 27th May 2016

Founding Farmers – dinner 27th May 2016

El Chalan – dinner 28th May 2016

Grand Trunk – lunch 29th May 2016

Circa Foggy Bottom – dinner  29th May 2016

As you know I’m a big Momofuku fan! There is a Momofuku restaurant in Washington too but we didn’t get a chance to try. If you do or have been, please comment as I would love to know what you think.


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