Let’s Eat in Bangkok

Thailand is known for it’s delicious hot, sweet, sour and spicy food. The most popular dish with many Westernised versions is the famous pad thai. You can’t go to Thailand without sampling their local dishes. The million dollar question is where to go for authentic Thai food and what to order.

From the plentiful food we had in Bangkok, these are the places to eat in Bangkok!


This is a MUST! What better way to have authentic food than to have a local Thai guide take you around! We joined the Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk and sampled some of the best Thai food with our guide explaining each dish to us. You can book online through Bangkok Food Tours.

Location: Multiple and transport between them all done by tuk tuk! (and some walking)DSC01749

What to order: Your local guide would have already pre-ordered for you. The food is prepared when you get there.

The first stop is a secret location in Isan. The food here had the traditional well balanced sour and spicy flavours with refreshing salads.

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Next stop is Ann Guay Teaw Kua Gai. The kitchen is in the back alley and the chef wears sunglasses (at night) to protect his eyes from the fiery cooking.

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After the first two ‘courses’ in shops, the third perfectly timed location was a taste of street food and a walk through the flower market to aid digestion!

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A history and flower folding lesson at Wat Pho, and beers at a rooftop bar was a much needed food break!

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The final stop for the evening was the piece de resistance of the tour – Thip Samai! This place serves the BEST pad thai in Bangkok. Make sure you order the signature egg pad Thai. If you go on your own, you can expect to queue up. Let me tell you though it is worth it!

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With our bellies full and our hearts even fuller, the tour concluded with a sweet ending!

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A casual restaurant known for their delicious seafood. There is usually a queue for a table but there is seating outside to accommodate for that.

Location: 2829-31 Rama 4 Rd. Khlong Toei, BangkokDSC01287

What to order: My uncle took us here and picked out some of the most authentic Thai seafood dishes.

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Location: Along Charoen Krung Road. The signage is white with blue Thai writing. It is a few minutes walk from Saphan Taksin BTS station and Centre Point Hotel Silom.IMG_20170312_202610

The shop is unpretentious with simple tables and stools to sit and eat.

What to order: There are a few choices of noodles, meats and broth. We had a red broth and a clear broth. Both were cooked slightly differently providing the two bowls of noodles a different flavour. The noodles were not overly salty. They were fresh and had a good depth of flavour. While the serves are not very big, with a price tag of Baht 40 to 50, one can afford to have two or three bowls! The thing I loved most about this place is it has no English name and the locals were eating there; now that is a true sign of authenticity.


There is another noodle shop across the road from this one which is a blue sign with white writing that is meant to be equally as good for noodles.


T & K Seafood was packed full of diners with road side tables overflowing to the road. This place only opens from 4.30pm. Their logo is a cartoon image of the two owners. The seafood is very reasonably priced and of course very tasty too. It is a very casual place to eat and sit by the roadside if you have the stomach for it!

Location: Yaowarat / Chinatown

What to order: A selection of dishes and signature dishes.

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Yaowarat Tasty Toasted Buns is a street-side stall. They are only sell one item which they are very well known for; toasted buns! Be prepared for a long queue as people come from near and far to sample their sweet treats. The bun itself is a sweet bun which is toasted and stuffed with a variety of fillings you can select from. They are freshly made to order. While this hasn’t revolutionised my life in terms of taste, it is a must try when visiting Bangkok.

Location: Yaowarat / Chinatown – In front of the Government Savings Bank (pink sign)

What to order: A variety of different filling flavours of their toasted buns.

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Nahm restaurant was started by Australian one Michelin star chef David Thompson. It boasts a menu of Thai fusion dishes bursting with traditional flavours. The chef brings all the punchy flavours you would expect from roadside Thai food and infuses them into delicate fancy dishes.

This place exceeded my expectations! I’m normally a sceptic of making Asian road side food fancy but I was delightfully surprised.

Given this restaurant is fancier than the usual roadside fan fare, it requests men wear a sleeved shirt. So do go prepared. Reservations are recommended but not required to avoid disappointment.

Location: Como Metropolitan Hotel, Bangkok – It has a stylish modern decor with a water feature next to the pool.DSC01859

What to order: The set menu allows you to sample a few dishes.

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All of these places took me on a culinary journey through Bangkok and is the reason they are a must try when you are in Bangkok!

What are your favourite places to eat at in Bangkok?



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