My Friend Stank

With spring peeking through the grey winter clouds and end of year festivities around the corner, its time to put away the winter knits and pull out the colourful jewellery! Those of you who know me (personally) would know that this means a LOT of costume jewellery. I love a good piece of jewellery but I’m particular about what I buy! Even more so now as I’m on my quest to look into sustainable fashion! (Click here to read my recent post on this)

I got talking with my friend Steph who recently launched her own brand Stank to find out the concept behind her brand and what sets it apart from the thousands of jewellery brands/stores/artisans.IMG_20170521_135812

Stank sells upcycled button jewellery. Steph creates each of these button jewellery pieces in her own home! The possibilities are endless with the upcycled button ear rings alone. Brilliant idea; sustainable yet stylish! Not to mention supporting a local artist and entrepreneur. They are also light and convenient for travel; a must for me!

There are floral ear rings which would go beautifully with a flowy white dress for a day out in the park. There are dark purple button ear rings for a more sophisticated outfit. Cute vintage baby blue and gold ear rings to match that beautiful vintage lace dress you may be thinking of wearing for a special occasion. There’s even skull ear rings in theme with the goth look. Why am I not surprised Steph?! IMG_20170521_160021
In fact, you can even request a customised piece of button jewellery. All you have to do is ask!

You can buy any of these upcycled handmade pieces at Stank’s online store or visit Stank at a market near you just like I did!

Instagram – @empireofstank
Visit Stank’s Facebook page for details on the next market stall to enjoy some sustainable styling.

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