Style & Travel Tips ~ Bangkok Grand Palace

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is the official home to the King of Siam. It was built in 1782. The Grand Palace is made up of a collection of buildings; added on and rebuilt by different Kings. The palace is sectioned into different areas; the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (known as Wat Phra Kew) , the outer court, the middle court (includes the Chakri Maha Prasat Building) and the inner court. The outer court and Temple of the Emerald Budha are the areas open to the public.DSC01362The current King of Siam is His Majesty King Rama the 10th. Thailand is in a one year period of mourning the death of King Rama the 9th. At the time of his passing in October 2016, King Rama the 9th was the worlds longest ruling monarch. King Rama the 9th was ruling since 1946.DSC01363The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is laden with gold! There are gold trimmings, tiles and spires. Intricate mosaic tiles cover the exterior surface of the buildings interspersed with delicate floral tiles. It transports you to the world of an oriental royal family where Kings and Queens dressed in embroidered traditional clothing strolled around the Palace as their maids held silk umbrellas to protect them from the scorching sun.



The Palace has a very strict dress code that is heavily enforced. Essentially everything needs to be covered till past your knees and shoulders. This is really hard to do in the heat. No shorts or sleeveless tops allowed. No see through clothing or tights. There are plenty of vendors just outside the palace selling long happy pants, sarongs and tops preying on tourists who have come unprepared. Within the palace there is a place to rent clothing if you have come under dressed.DSC01361A white light cotton maxi dress with floral embroidered web edging and coral coloured cardigan to wear as we entered the palace worked a treat. Matched this with a pair of brown sling back sandals and floral ear ring to complete the outfit. An outfit fit for the King!DSC01345Some other style ideas for a visit to the Palace are lounge pants and sleeved loose white top, long sleeved cotton maxi dress, middi skirt and long sleeved top, maxi skirt and sleeved top.DSC01367Main tip is to keep the material light (e.g. cotton) and cover all body parts till past your knees and shoulders!


Tickets for the Grand Palace can be purchased at the entrance. This is one of the most popular places to visit in Bangkok so expect a line up. A map of the Grand Palace is provided on purchase of entry ticket and there is an option to hire an audio guide. The Palace is open from 8.30am to 3.30pm.


Public transport to the Grand Palace is limited. Easiest way is to catch a BTS to a pier and catch a water taxi or the Chaopraya tourist boat to The Maharaj pier and walk. Follow the signage to the Grand Palace from the Maharaj pier. Otherwise catch a metered taxi.DSC01325

What did you wear to The Grand Palace in Bangkok?


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