The Mineral Bottle Hack: DIY Travel Toiletries

Leakage of liquid toiletries is one of my pet peeves when travelling. Have you ever invested in a nice travel safe toiletry bottle only to have your shampoo leak all over your other toiletries. It is inconvenient and you run short of said liquid toiletry!

After having had many toiletry bottles leak, break, crack, spill etc. in my toiletry bag and having to throw out countless toiletry bottles, I decided to do some research. I came across a terrific travel hack which has changed the way I pack my liquid toiletries.


The use of a simple mineral water bottle!

You can collect them in different sizes so the size can be tailored to your needs. Given they are designed to hold water, they are ideal for liquid toiletries. A bonus is re-using the bottles; helping the environment! The other reason they are awesome is they can be filled and refilled with your own liquid toiletries. This means no more wasting money on buying smaller sized liquid toiletries!


Mineral water (or juice etc.) bottle (size depends on what you have, see notes below)

Liquid toiletry

Funnel (optional)

Permanent marker


  1. Collect mineral water bottle.
  2. Unscrew and remove cap of the mineral water bottle.
  3. Place funnel in the neck of the mineral water bottle.
  4. Pour liquid toiletry in through the funnel. If it is a thicker liquid, wait for it to go through before pouring the next lot. (Note: Alternatively if you do not own a funnel pour liquid toiletry directly in or if it has a pump use it.)IMG_20180220_211810389
  5. Once it is filled to the desired level, remove the funnel and screw back the cap of the mineral water bottle.
  6. Write on the mineral water bottle the type or name of toiletry using a permanent marker.

Notes about size:

  • The 600mL size is great for liquid body wash and shampoo. Generally used for longer holidays. This size is relatively easy to collect.
  • The smaller 250mL to 350mL size is more for shorter holidays or if you only use a small amount of the toiletry. The smaller size is harder to collect. I mainly collect these from plane rides or tours or free water with meal deals.
  • I am yet to find one that is 100mL (suitable for carry on), so if you know of where to get one do drop me a comment below.

Please comment below to share how your DIY travel toiletry making went.

Happy Making!


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