Style, Travel, Chic was born out of my passion to see the world in style. 

I believe style comes from within your inner core and being. We all have it! It is just how we channel it. For me, it is my creative outlet. I love mixing and matching; creating new outfits and having that ”aha’ moment. I am constantly thinking “what should I wear when we go to…” the local beach or restaurant or it could be traveling the streets of New York, cruising down the Seine in Paris, riding a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok etc. I love being able to create outfits that are fun and interesting but also practical and appropriate.  IMG_20170126_102846

The aim of my blog is to inspire you with style ideas to incorporate into your travel wardrobe which are suitable for the travel activity. Most of them are practical and consist of things you can buy from mainstream stores. Currently I am researching more into sustainable fashion and hope be able to share some of that with you as I discover more.  

Most of my outfits and style are centred around travel. Travel is after all an experience not just of sights, smells, sounds and taste; it is also of the soul. With that, I will also share my travel suggestions and tips for mid range travel.  

So sit back and enjoy the style!



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